Glenburn Rec 3rd/4th grade boys tournament opening day

GLENBURN - Saturday at the Glenburn School, the Glenburn Rec opened their final tournament of the season with the 3rd/4th grade boys 6-team double elimination tourney. Tournament teams consisted of Hermon, Ellsworth, Calais, Gardiner, Brewer and the host team Glenburn.

The Glenburn Rec opened their final tournament on Saturday with the 3rd/4th grade boys at the Glenburn School. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Game 1 (Hermon vs Ellsworth)

Ellsworth's Porter Merrill (11) looks to pass the ball while being defended by Hermon's Scott Tubbs. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Ellsworth opened with an 11-0 first quarter, and they cruised to a 40-19 victory over Hermon.

Evan Haskell scored 13 points and Porter Merrill added 12 points to lead Ellsworth in scoring. 
Hermon was led in scoring by Andrew Meserve, Gavin Kealiher, and Carter Dubois with four points each.

Hermon's Levi Scripture calls out a play during the first quarter. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Game 2 (Calais vs Glenburn)

Glenburn's Wiley Ward starts a drive to the basket. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Glenburn opened the game with a 6-0 first quarter, but Calais fought back in the second period out scoring the Chargers 8-2 to tie the game at 8-8 at half time. Glenburn took control in the second half out scoring Calais 14-8 to come away with a 22-16 win.

Wiley Ward scored seven points and Nolan Brown added six points to lead Glenburn in scoring. 
Gaige Farrar scored a game high eight points, and Noah White had four points to lead Calais.

A Calais player reached for a loose ball. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Game 3 (Ellsworth vs Gardiner)

Ellsworth's Joey Beal takes a look at the basket before shooting a foul shot. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

This game may have been a preview of Sunday's championship game, as Ellsworth and Gardiner were not separated by more than three points on the scoreboard through the first three periods. Ellsworth took a 10-8 first quarter lead, but Gardiner would out score the Eagles 12-9 in the second period to take a 20-19 half time lead. After the third period, the game was tied at 30-30 heading into the final period. Ellsworth finally pulled away in the fourth quarter with a 14-8 score for a 44-38 win.

Colby Eaton scored 14 points and Porter Merrill had nine points to pace Ellsworth in scoring.
Trace Moody scored a game high 25 points to lead Gardiner, and Isaac Marquis added six points.

Gardiner's Anthony Cyr drives past Ellsworth's Ryder Fenton (21). (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Game 4 (Glenburn vs Brewer)

Brewer's Jack Robertson looks to pass the ball. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Glenburn struggled most of the game against Brewer, scoring double digits points in only one quarter. Brewer led after every quarter, and closed out the game with a 6-5 score over the Chargers for the 26-20 Witches victory.

Leading Brewer in scoring was Oliver Higgins with nine points, Melek Johnson with seven points, and Bryan Sinclair with five points.
Glenburn was led in scoring by Griffin Dunton with six points, Landen Corriveau with five points, and Wiley Ward with four points.

Glenburn's Landen Corriveau attempts to drive to the basket. (Photo by Skip Hawkes)


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