Hampden and Glenburn 5/6 boys enjoy half time surprise

GLENBURN - Saturday night Hampden Academy's Bryce Lausier scored 23 points to help lead his Broncos team to the Class A State Championship victory in Portland. On Sunday afternoon, Lausier, who spent his middle school years in Glenburn, made an appearance at the gymnasium he crafted his talent in during the half time of a Glenburn vs Hampden 5th/6th grade boys tournament game.

Glenburn resident and Hampden Academy Senior basketball player Bryce Lausier made a surprise visit to the Glenburn School during a Glenburn and Hampden 5th-6th grade tournament game. 
(Photo by Skip Hawkes)

Lausier took time to pose for a photo with all the young Glenburn and Hampden players, and then let all the kids touch the Gold Ball. He spoke briefly to the boys after the photo session, telling them that one day they might be fortunate enough to win a Gold Ball. He told them all to work hard at the game, and keep practicing hard.

If any of these young ball players are looking for a role model, then they should look no further than Bryce Lausier. He is the perfect role model for any young basketball fan.


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