Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MSR - Midcoast changes Photo website

RJ Hawkes & Maine Sports Report - Midcoast welcome you to our new easy to use photo website where I will be able to keep photos up for a much long time, people can order from more than one gallery at the same time and while I love this new site as I have it, I have barely scratched the surface of what is to come.

From the first customer on the new site today.
"The site is great…easy to navigate and the prints are a bit cheaper too!!" from Jill Pierce.

Click here to visit the new site!

Here are some easy directions to get to what you want.
1.  Looking for a game that was played in the last week, click on Recent Events or on the large photo. A page will come up with the latest nine galleries.

2. Looking for stories from the games, click on MSR Blog and it will take you directly to our blog.

3. Want to see what is in your shopping cart? Click on it.

4.  Want to save your favorites, they call them Lightboxes and they have a lot more functionality than ever before. Have questions about a photo, you can share your Lightbox with me and I can answer your question for you.

5. Search is so cool. Want to see all the photos from Oceanside just type that in the search box. Search by sport, school, town, season.

6. Contact is where you can reach me with any questions or comments.

7.  About will be filled out soon.

8. Last but most importantly is what happens when you click on Galleries. A page will open with all the collection of galleries by Type - SPORTS - DOGS - SCENIC

Click on SPORTS and right now two collections will open up, click on 2016-17 Winter Sports and two collections will open up, Boys Basketball -All Levels and Girls Basketball - All Levels. Click on either of those and all the galleries from that collection will open up in date order from newest to oldest.

Click on any photo to open that gallery. Want to see the photos larger, click on any photo and a new page will open with the photo much larger and all the info you need to purchase or click on the arrow or the photo to see the next or previous photo.

Any questions please let me know.

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