Rockland area softball league opens another season

ROCKLAND – The Rockland softball league is back in action as they kicked off the second week of the season Monday.

Ryan Allender gets all of this pitch during Monday's game between Mid-Knight Auto and Fusion. (Photo by Ron Hawkes) 
Click here for the photo gallery from the Mid-Knight at Fusion game

This year’s teams include Fusion, BCF, Smokestack, Simmons, Mid-Knight, New Leaf and Myrtle Street.

Last week Smokestack opened the season with a 30-16 win over BCF and Fusion rolled past Myrtle St. 31-14.

This week's games.
Monday, June 19 - Mid-Knight at Fusion
Tuesday, June 20 - BCF at Simmons
Wednesday, June 21 - New Leaf at Smokestack
Thursday, June 22 - Mid-Knight at Myrtle St.

Andrew Rogers got his swing into gear early with a home run in his second at-bat of the season. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Rick Bagnall just missed this one off the end of the bat. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)

Nice hit as the ball was met squarely on the way down. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Keenan Hendricks, center, takes a throw as Ryan Allender heads to third with a triple.  (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Chris Raye scorches this one, but right at Fusion first baseman Joe Nelsen (not shown). (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Rick Bagnall takes a perfect throw from catcher Chris Raye (not shown). (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Andrew Rogers makes a nice catch on a long fly ball in the first inning. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
An incredible effort here on this lazy fly ball that was just missed. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Joe Nelsen has his eyes on this ball as he gives it a ride. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Dan Hendricks looks to get under this pitch. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
An easy play for the pitcher to end an inning. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
Shawn Hiller is all focus as he rips this pitch. (Photo by Ron Hawkes)
The Fusion pitcher was throwing strikes.  (Photo by Ron Hawkes)


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